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Disposable an absolute essential:

Only disposable packaging offers most the hygienic, convenient, aesthetic, cost effective and safe-to-carry facilities. Disposable cups are offered in variety of paper and plastic containers for hot or cold beverages, dairy and other products. Cups are most ideal for use by vending machine operators fast food restaurants: pre-packed consumer products such as ice cream, eatables, etc.


Sophisticated equipment, with the latest modern technology ensures quality products. Poly-coated paper cup, are made out of state-of-the-art technology from Paper Machinery Corporation (PMC) and Nyman, USA, to supply unsurpassed quality. The PMC machine is the most widely recognized cup manufacturing line meeting the approvals of the most demanding customers. High quality Flexo Printing with UV inks and Varnish enhances products appeal.


Plastic cups are made by the latest Automatic Thermoforming and Injection molding machines from leaders of the Industry.


Cups Paper based Poly coated or Plastic cups can be offered in various shapes and sizes between 50 ml capacity as desired:



Paper Based

Plastic Based


50 ml

Thermoformed - 

(2 Oz) 50 ml


100 ml


(4 Oz) 100 ml


150 ml


(5 Oz) 150 ml


200 ml


(9 Oz) 250 ml


250 ml

Injection Moulded

(4 Oz) 120 ml


360 ml


(5 Oz) 140 ml


500 ml


(10 Oz) 300 ml


Special features:
  Plastic cups from Thermoforming or Injection Moulding.
  Paper based cups with Poly coating on one or both sides.
   LLDPE Polymer coating provides barrier to water vapour and ensures very good sealing.
  Sidewall rings increase strength and provide a firm grip.
  Varying designs of paper/plastic base lids make cup attractive and easy-to-handle liquids.
  High-quality multi-color flexo, off-set or pad printing
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