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Adds Value to the product:

It has been accepted the world over that advertising and packaging are prime selling points of a product. While an advertisement might pull a consumer to a product, it is only an attractive packaging that brings him closer. Suitable labels and stickers on the packs, further boost the image of the packaging and the product in turn. Multi-Stic supports the above notion Multi-colored labels and stickers of international standard are ideal for breweries, chemicals, cosmetics, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals and almost every other industrial product.


Confidence in Packaging:
Labels and stickers are made in technical collaboration with world leaders like Taiyo Kikai Ltd. on fully integrated printing units ensuring high standard and quality products to meet present and future Requirements.


Special features:

  9 color printing with a varnish coat.
  Ultraviolet ink printing for high gloss and vibrant color.
  Hot foil-stamping facility.
  On line lamination facility
  Profile die cutting for various intricate shapes and sizes.
  Roll to roll printing for auto label applicator machines.
  On-line roll to sheet cut facility.
  Highest color registration accuracy.
  Finest quality pictures due to high resolution.
  On-line video viewing system to ensure highest quality.
  Web width: 25 mm to 250 mm.
  Label size: up to 400 mm x 250 mm.
  Type: Self-adhesive, Non-self adhesive.
  Web Type: Paper Aluminum Foil, BOPP Film Polyester, Film Plastic Film.
  Color: 9 color with varnish coat.
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