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Confidence in Plastic Laminates:

Flexible packaging, Miniature Packs, Carry Home Packs these have been the buzzwords in today's competitive market scenario. More and more companies have been opting for flexible packaging these days in order to reach a wider horizon of customers. These laminates not only improve shelf life of the material, but also maintain aroma, impart better look to the pack as well as make it economical.


Any flexible packaging material - in the technical understanding - is known by the number of layers and combination of material which has been used in. Different materials are combined to have the advantage of properties of those materials. E.g. LDPE is generally used for its sealing properties, Aluminum/Nylon may be used for barrier properties, Polyester may be used for better surface printing properties, etc.


Special Features (Production Capacity):
The laminator has production capacity of 10 million square meters per month at operational speed of 250 meters/minute for Tube laminates or 450 meters /minute for other laminates. The Extrusion capacity of 1100 kgs/ hour output on 2 extrusion stations (550 Kgs x 2).


High Performance Laminates:


Multi-layer Capability
Two extrusion stations each having two extruders in tandem with provision to add third extruder. Each extruder is equipped with two gravimetric dosing units for various polymers. Hence, the machine can extrude 3 layers of different polymers at each station i.e. total 6 layers of polymer can be added in laminate.


This facilitates production of high performance laminates.
The gravimetric dosing units (2 x 4 = 8) give flexibility to blend material in precise quantity and ratio. The materials which can be extruded are PE, PP, EAA, EVA, NYLON, BYNEL, EVOH, SURLYN


Online Corona-flame Treatment:

  Enables excellent inter layer bond strength.
  Improves printability.

The machine can handle wide range of materials including paper / plastics / aluminum foil etc.


Range of Laminate Specification:

(Different layers)

PE/OPP/PET/PVC/Cellophane Aluminum foil/

PP Woven Fabric / Non Woven Fabric / Cloth/Paper/Board 


Tube Laminates : 120 micron to 380 micron

Other Packaging : 40 micron and above 


Up to 9 color with excellent super glossy half tones. (protected by UV cured printed surface)

Width of roll

Up to 1350 mm

Core sizes

76 mm (3”) and 152 mm (6”) paper/plastic/aluminum cores.

Roll Weight

Up to 2000 kg

Special Laminates:
  SRMTL is developing specialized foil based structure to replace conventional 3/4 ply structures for better barrier properties   and shelf life by use of specific polymers. These are high performance laminates.
  SRMTL has developed specific pharma laminates with high performance characteristics.
  SRMTL has developed low cost ABL/PBL laminates.
  SRMTL has developed specialized laminate for oil packing.
  Range of available tube & Flexible Laminate manufactured by SRMTL.



Laminate Structure Thickness in Micron Colour Barrier Usage
200/9 White / Clear Aluminum Foil Oral Care
200/12 White / Clear Aluminum Foil Oral Care
220/12 White / Clear Aluminum Foil Oral Care
250/12 White / Clear Aluminum Foil Oral Care / Cosmetics / Shaving Cream
275/12 White / Clear Aluminum Foil + Nylon Aggressive Creams / Pharma Products
275/20 White / Clear Aluminum Foil Antiseptic Creams / Oral Care
280/12 White / Clear Aluminum Foil

Mosquito Replant Creams

275/15 Opaque - White / Clear EVOH Creams / Hair Styling gel to give better aesthetic looks
310/15 Opaque - White / Clear EVOH Creams / Hair Styling gel to give better aesthetic looks.


     ABL - Aluminum Based Laminates
     PBL - Plastic Based Laminates
     Quantity in 20' container would 50,000 Square Meters.
     Laminate is normally packed on Pallets.




Laminate Structure GSM Used for
Paper Foil Poly 65  GSM to 160 GSM Pharma + Food
Paper - Poly 65  GSM to 160 GSM Pharma + Food
PET Poly - Foil 65  GSM to 160 GSM Pharma + Food


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